Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ode to the Corn Dog

One of my favorite snacks of all time is the Morningstar Farms corn dogs and mini corn dogs. They're meat free, protein filled, and delicious. I was happy to find Morningstar products when we moved to Louisiana (along with other organic and veggie quick meals). However, for about 2 months, I have been unable to find my favorite treat. After checking Target, Albertson's, Wal-mart, Sandra's, and Drug Emporium (hell, I even checked Amazon grocery), I came to the conclusion that something was wrong! Where have you gone, corn dogs?

I need these corn dogs. I cannot stress it enough. Pregnancy cravings added to late night snack desires have made me completely manic. So, I set out on an online mission: find Morningstar corn dogs at all costs. 
Don't they look delicious?

Upon using the Google god, I found news articles like this one from August that explained Morningstar had a corn dog shortage. They said the  distributor was having problems, but try our sausage instead. How dare you, Morningstar! Do not pretend that sausage is an adequate replacement for my precious corn dogs! (Sorry, excuse the outburst.)

I can handle a shortage. They will eventually come back, right?? Well, upon my last visit to the grocery, I noticed there wasn't even an empty spot on the shelf waiting for the corn dogs. This is a bad sign, I thought. Back to the interwebs.

Now I have found info about a recall earlier this year of the mini corn dogs due to packaging possibly not in an environment compliant with good manufacturing practices. I am here to say: I don't care! I will eat the recalled dogs--send them to my house. I need them. 

All this news I took in stride until this evening, when I see this post on VeggieBoards. It's official. They have stopped producing the corn dogs. No more corn dogs ever. There is no mention of them at all on the Morningstar website, like they never existed. I am depressed. By far, they were the best Morningstar product, and I am feeling resentful of the Morningstar chicken nuggets staring smugly at me from the freezer. 

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