Sunday, October 18, 2009


I am by nature not very crafty, but for some unexplained reason I recently became obsessed with the idea of learning to crochet. I guess it's some kind of primal nesting instinct, and I bought a pack of hooks and some yarn and began hunting for baby bootie patterns. I succeeded in making a couple of cute hats and found a cute booty pattern. (I sent the prettiest hat and set of booties to another expecting mom.

The light in this pic was funny, but the yarn on the hat is very 
pretty-it goes from white to blue and blends nicely.

After the fall semester started, I got too busy to start any new projects, but I have recently picked up the crochet hook again. I started again this weekend (see pic above for the beginnings of some lovely white mittens for the little boy). What I am most excited about is crocheting my own wool soaker diaper covers, and I found some beautiful alpaca yarn to use with this pattern.

I will post pictures of pretty crocheted items over the next few months, and hopefully the little boy will have plenty of little items to wear when he gets here.

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