Monday, July 4, 2011

The Magic Drawer

So, we have a chest of drawers in the bedroom. Just a normal piece of furniture housing normal items of clothing: socks, underwear, t-shirts for Husband and me. That’s all. Just clothes. But from the way the Lizard Baby obsesses over the bottom drawer of this chest, one would think it had wish granting gnomes in there.

But, I promise. It is only filled with Husband’s socks. I tell the Lizard Baby this, but he doesn’t listen. Any time we’re in the bedroom, he runs straight to this drawer. And proceeds to throw the socks throughout the room with great glee.

This is of course, a problem. I dutifully pick the Lizard Baby up, say “No” firmly, and place him somewhere else on the floor or in the playard while he wails that I am a cruel mother. Then I pick up the damn socks. Again. And so our days have gone by for the last week. Until he realized something. There is another drawer. One that might really have gnomes! Or better yet-light sabers!

So he sneakily sidled up to said drawer. Not drawing any attention to himself. Looking oh so innocent. Somehow he manages to construct a glowing halo over his head to make him look more legit.

He then attacks! Not hindered by the pesky T-shirts in the way, he will find the magic hidden at the bottom of this drawer.

It never fails. He will continue to try to find something interesting in the bottom drawers. And I will walk over to him, ready to be mad. And he looks up at me with those big innocently evil eyes as he sits in the bottom drawer. And I realize....I need some duck tape.

For the dresser of course.