Friday, May 6, 2011


We had the 20 week anatomy scan yesterday and it went awesome. Little dude was wiggling so crazy, making it difficult to get measurements. His heart rate was in the high 130s and he has an anterior placenta-which is funny because I still feel him kicking. He must be really active!

Mine looked pink and tasted like that nasty big red soda.

They also sprung the 1 hour glucose test on me (tests for gestational diabetes). I passed, but damn, that is the nastiest drink ever. I would rather have been given straight up sugar to drink.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Aengus and Kara's Big Adventure: AKA in Praise of my Ergo

Today, driving to the grocery, I heard a big "pop!" and thought a tire had burst for a second. But then I saw smoke coming out of the hood, then out of the back, and then everywhere around me. But as soon as it came, it was gone. I was freaking out, but there was nowhere to turn around, so I pull into the grocery parking lot and call Will. He says he's pretty sure the radiator hose popped (had some air trouble with it yesterday) and to stay close to home and not drive much. So, I grab my OJ and almond milk, some mangos (2/$1!!), bananas and crackers and head home.

Stupid intersection next to the worst restaurant possible.

I was at this intersection (pic above), in the middle lane, when without so much as a huff or rev, the dear Hyundai turned off. And would not turn back on--wouldn't turn over at all. Of course, the light turns green at this point and I flip on my hazard lights, but I still get many angry honks from the lovely drivers of this city, despite having an empty left lane and space to go around me.

I call Will immediately because I wasn't sure what to do as cars kept going by. He asked his maintenance guy to drive the shuttle over to get me and help get the car out of the road. Unfortunately, I couldn't really wait to move the car since I was holding up traffic. And despite my hopes, no one stopped to help. There may have been crying...

Yes, that is a no parking zone, but there were cars blocking any other spot.

I get myself together and push the car onto this bus stop sidewalk stop. Now, one would think if you saw a small, pregnant woman pushing a crossover SUV by herself, you would help. Not Lafayette drivers. Or at least stop and let her go by. Nope, Lafayette drivers edge around you. But for the love of Darwin, you will not HONK at her?! Well, Lafayette drivers do. And you know what, you can all kiss my ass! (At least, that's what I yelled while using my she-hulk-like pregnant strength to haul that car.

To be fair, once I was pushing it over the hump, one man ran over from the parking lot across the street to help me get it over the curb and make sure I had help and a ride coming. Thank you, mystery person. You restored my faith in humanity.

Then again, 3 police cruisers drove by without so much as a slow down, so I'm a bit raw on the local boys in blue.

I wait until the hotel shuttle and tow truck show up at the same time. (Fast for the tow truck! Like 15 minutes from when Will called!) And the two nice guys loaded up the car for me, helped me with my 2 bags of groceries, and made me relax over all. I was worried about leaving the car by itself.

I wasn't really paying attention, and realized the hotel shuttle took me back to...the hotel. Crap. Well, at least Will could keep the groceries in the tiny fridge. So, I decided to walk home. To be fair, it's only about a mile on wide sidewalks to the house. And, thank science, I thought to grab the ergo out of the car before I got in the shuttle. And since it had rained last night, the weather was very cool.

Snuggled up in the back carry during Festival International last weekend.

So, I strapped Aengus to my back (see above for example) and began the trek home. I was a little worried I'd get tired with my 23lb toddler attached to me, but it really wasn't bad. My feet didn't even hurt by the time I got home though my ballet slippers have no arch support.

Finally, we're on our street. "Oh, I bet the mail came." I thought. And then I realized the tow truck guy had taken my keys to the dealer. Shit. Of course, we have no hide a key. But, we do leave the door to the back patio unlocked. Unfortunately, there is a fence preventing my way. Now, there is 1 loose board, but not enough space for my pregnant ass to pass through. If only Aengus could open and unlock doors I could've passed him in and waited for him to open the front door. Alas, he is an average baby, not a locksmith prodigy.

What happens to your credit card if you try to open a door with it.

Then I think, we only locked the knob, not the dead bolt. Perhaps I can use an old credit card and jimmy the lock open. I find an old Belk's gift card with a grand total of $0.34 left on it and try and shake and beg and yell. Nope. Doesn't work.

I go back around to the back to try to loosen a second board. Kicks, pulls, whatever. The wood is old, wet, and slightly dry-rotted so I know I should be able to get another loose. Meanwhile, Aengus has fallen asleep on my back and I'm standing in a mud puddle.

That's when I see it. The house whose driveway backs up to our patio fence (in which I am standing) has a shovel propped up against it. A large, metal shovel. I figured the nice old couple who live there wouldn't be terribly offended if I borrowed it for a few minutes.

It took 4 good hits at the weak spots, but I knocked that bitch right off the fence. I undo the ergo and get Aengus down so I can put him in the patio first. He is traumatized that I woke him. But, we made it inside! Hoorah!

My handiwork in the backyard. Cute new banana trees, no?

And now we're enjoying a snack of feta cheese and townhouse crackers. Will called and said the dealership had a guy stay late and diagnose the car issue and they'll fix it first in the morning. I'm glad, because we have an appointment tomorrow and an ultrasound Thursday.

Hopefully this is all of the adventure I'll have this week.