Saturday, April 30, 2011

A List of Words...

At 14 months, Aengus didn't seem to be saying many words. I mean, he said the obligatory mama and dada, and had lots of "words" for things, but it's not like he said "My milk please, mother." So, I assumed he wasn't talking. So I became concerned when hearing that other children had words. That is until I discovered that 14 month olds are not expected to pronounce things perfectly. It seems a "word" is anything I recognize as a word. So, here is a list of "words" Aengus says with a pronunciation of the word in parentheses. This is in order of appearance, approximately.

Dada (dada)
Daddy (daddy): He says this perfectly and quite well. I am impressed.
Mama (mama)
Hi (hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!): accompanied by a wave
Baxter (Basher or Dasher): this is the dog. He says it more than mama....
Shoe (shuh)
Cup (kuh)
Boat (bo)
Ball (bob): this may be the word for all toys now?
See (see): this means "can I see?" or "do you want to see?" which we ask him often. Or maybe please...
Thank you (thisshew): anytime he gives us something, accompanied by a proud smile
Baby (babum): this is very hit and miss, however. For his baby doll.

"Uh!!!" seems to serve every other linguistic purpose currently.

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