Sunday, February 7, 2010

38 weeks, 2 days

I feel like I'm getting close. Last night, I had backaches and contractions all through the night. Will said I moaned and groaned all night, but I don't really remember that. He did rub my back when I had trouble falling asleep after waking up. The baby feels very very low, so I think he's dropping into the zone.

I took Baxter on another long walk this afternoon and did some curb walking. Drank 2 cups of the Red Raspberry leaf tea with nettles and black cohosh. I had contractions from 4:30-7ish every 3-20 minutes. They got very strong by the end, but also farther apart. By nine, they'd fizzled out, but my back still hurts. The acid reflux is also killer.

Hopefully, these are signs that I only need to wait a few more days. (Or maybe hours? Hours would be great!) I'm ready to meet this kid.

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